Fitness Instructor

Azad Aghababian

Azad has been in the athletic arena since picking up the sport of soccer at a very young age. Throughout his high school career, Azad played center midfield for both Match Fit Academy and Hopewell Valley Central High School, while additionally representing the east coast in domestic and global competitions with NextGenUSA. After ending his soccer career during his junior year of college, he dove deep into the fitness industry with a specific passion for holistic practices-one that is rooted in the optimization of the body, mind, and spirit. With a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology, a certification in personal training, and in mental performance, he uses his experience and knowledge to train clientele ranging from high school athletes all the way up to the semi-professional level.
Outside of training his clients, Azad likes to find new and unique ways to challenge his own body and mind. In 2019, he completed the Philadelphia Marathon along with his mother and sister, completed a 5 day fast, and most  recently started training in combat sports. Azad is half Japanese, quarter Romanian, quarter Armenian, and comes from a family of 5 kids and 6 pets.