Fitness Instructor

Chadwick Rawlings

Chadwick has been training individuals since around 1998. His disciplines include Boxing, MMA and Capoeira. Chadwick is also a certified personal trainer through world instructor training schools.  In Capoeira he’s an accomplished purple cord who has been instructing individuals since 2003. He currently trains at a local fight club to constantly hone his own personal skills. It has been Chadwick’s great joy to teach, push, and motivate individuals through training on a daily basis. It’s been said by many of Chadwick’s personal training  clients, that he has a very unorthodox style of training. His methods consist of highly intense physical training, that allows people to push past their own preconceived limitations. Chadwick fully believes there is nothing a person can’t accomplish  once you get out of your own way and get comfortable being uncomfortable.